Episode 1 Family Planning

In the first episode of this documentary series of ‘Life in the Ward’, we take a look at maternal health in Papua New Guinea, a country with one of the highest rates of maternal mortality and stillbirth in the Pacific region.

Episode 2 COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout

While Papua New Guinea’s population is showing a huge amount of reluctance in getting vaccinated, many concerns arise knowing that the country is also running out of time. This second episode of the series, supported by Paradise Private Hospital, will offer a bird view on the rolling out.

Episode 3 An Everyday Miracle

Papua New Guinean women die everyday from preventable situations when it comes to child birth. How many you may ask? 80, 000 women die every year in the Pacific due to child birth complications, 10% of that are Papua New Guinean women – that’s 8, 000 deaths that could have been prevented. ‘An Everyday Miracle’ takes a look into the maternal health care system in Papua New Guinea and its challenges.

Episode 4 Infectious Diseases

With the growing number of population within Port Moresby from people resettling from every corner of Papua New Guinea, this has also caused an increase in the number of infectious diseases. On this episode we dive deep into the world of micro-biology in order to understand the sicknesses, viruses and diseases that affect our daily lives.