Having a strategic view of our medical and health progress and changing healthcare demands of the wider community is key to our modernization and transformation program.

Strategic Outlook

Our strategic plan sets out a roadmap and shall guide the way forward for the hospital in the provision of health service delivery into the future. This plan is crafted as an important tool to ensure the hospital is strategic and focused on its development pathways in achieving core goals and objectives of the organization.

The strategy when implemented will ensure health services delivered are of the highest quality using best health practices. It is very critical that such a plan is in place to help guide the hospital in fully optimizing its resources for ongoing operation and growth of the hospital in a more coordinated and systematic manner.

Much work has gone into developing this plan taking into consideration the changing health dynamics and position of Paradise Private Hospital in the delivery of health services in PNG.

Strategic Focus Areas

Our Commitments


We are here to show love, compassion, and care for all


Shaping the health care future to improve lives


Striving for excellence in medical care and service 



We care

We are inclusive and considerate, always listening and interacting with compassion, transparency and honesty

We are together

Our culture of collaboration means we work openly with our people, our community and beyond to achieve great outcomes

We bring our best

We are guided by the needs of our patients, bring commitment, fairness and energy to everything we do in delivering excellence

We innovate

We drive innovation through technology, education and learning and exploring opportunities for better care